High pressure plunger pump use pressure

  • High pressure plunger pump use pressure should be in general between 10MPa ~ 100MPa. It belongs to the positive displacement pump, with the help of the volume of the working chamber periodic change to achieve the purpose of liquid transport; The mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into the pressure energy of conveying liquid by the pump; The capacity of the pump only depends on the changing value of the working chamber volume and the changing times in unit time, and theoretically has nothing to do with the discharge pressure.

    Reciprocating pump with the help of the reciprocating movement of the piston in the cylinder chamber (or through the diaphragm, bellows and other flexible elements in the chamber of periodic elastic deformation) to make the chamber volume of periodic change. Structurally, the reciprocating pump chamber is separated from the outside by means of a sealing device, through the pump valve (suction valve and discharge valve) and pipeline communication or closure. High pressure plunger pump is a reciprocating pump, belongs to the volume pump, its plunger driven by the eccentric rotation of the pump shaft, reciprocating motion, its suction and discharge valves are one-way valves. When the plunger is pulled out, the pressure in the work room decreases and the outlet valve closes. When the pressure is lower than the inlet valve, the inlet valve opens and the liquid enters. When the plunger is pushed inward, the pressure of the workroom rises and the inlet valve closes. When the pressure is higher than the outlet pressure, the outlet valve opens and the liquid is discharged.

    When the shaft drives the cylinder to rotate, the swash plate pulls the plunger out or pushes it back from the cylinder to complete the process of oil absorption and drainage. The oil in the working capacity cavity composed of plunger and cylinder hole is communicated with the suction and discharge Chambers of the pump respectively through the oil distribution pan. The variable mechanism is used to change the inclination Angle of the swash plate. The displacement of the pump can be changed by adjusting the inclination Angle of the swash plate. High-pressure plunger pump feed process after the turn CAM convex part of the past, under the action of spring force, plunger downward movement, fortress of column space (called the oil pump room) produce vacuum, when the column inserting end face on the oil hole on the plunger sleeve, filled with oil in the oil pump diesel by the oil hole in the tao into the pump oil chamber, piston movement to the next check point, the end of the feed. When the camshaft turns to the convex part of the CAM and jacks up the roller body, the plunger spring is compressed, the plunger moves upward, and the fuel is pressurized. Part of the fuel flows back to the body oil chamber of the injection pump through the oil hole.

    When the plunger on the top cover of the oil hole on the sleeve edge, because the tolerance clearance of the plunger and barrel is small (0.0015 0.0025 mm) to make the top of the plunger pump oil chamber sealing oil cavity, a plunger continues to rise, pump oil chamber of hydraulic lifts quickly, the oil pressure pump > delivery valve spring force + high pressure oil pipe residual stress, push the oil valve, high pressure diesel by delivery valve into the high pressure oil pipe, through the fuel injector is sprayed into the combustion chamber. During the oil return process of the high pressure plunger pump, the plunger supplies oil upward. When the ramp on the plunger (stop supply side) is connected with the oil return hole on the sleeve, the low-pressure oil circuit of the oil pump chamber communicates with the middle hole, radial hole and the chute of the plunger head. As a result, the oil pressure drops abruptly, and the oil outlet valve closes quickly under the action of the spring force to stop the oil supply.

    Then the plunger will go up, and when the CAM's bulge turns around, the plunger will go down again under the action of the spring. This is where the next cycle begins. High pressure plunger pump with a plunger principle is introduced, a high-pressure plunger pump has two one-way valve, and in the opposite direction, the plunger to appear negative pressure in cylinder when one direction, then a check valve to open the liquid be inhaled in cylinder, plunger to another direction, to squeeze the liquid after another one-way valve is opened, drawn into the cylinder's liquid is expelled. Continuous motion in this way of working results in a continuous supply of oil.

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