How to use incense burner


    Put more incense in the incense burner or, and then sprinkle tower into a tower, can be lit at the top. ,
    Another way is to place incense sticks in a fragrant ashtray with a small section of lit incense sticks or incense sticks and sprinkle incense on the surface to avoid completely covering the dark fire.
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    In the incense burner pad ash, incense and incense before each incense smooth, light incense about half inch incense on the censer, and then use a special spoon to incense from the center around the spiral in the incense burner, as circled a few Week, depending on the size of the censer.
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    In the lit incense on the incense, do not incense directly poured on the open flame, so as not to extinguish the fire.
    When circling around the right, do not let each circle of aromatherapy connect with each other, otherwise it will look at a few points.
    Use a card paper or thin paper shell to make a cone container, container size is about 6CM in diameter 3CM high.
    Prepare a clean napkin, folded back and then folded into four with scissors, because the napkin is generally double, take a layer of small napkins on the line, so a big napkin can be used four days eight times.
    Wrap the tissue around the cone container from one corner.
    Take the conical container out of the sleeve and wind it out of the cone.
    If so incense loading, shock filled solid.
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