Large vibrating feeder solves the problem of constant speed ine

  • The large vibrating feeder solves the problem of constant speed inertia: the large vibration feeder has the advantages of low consumption of the material, easy to adjust feeding, low wear of the contact part of the material, simple f structure and so on. The large vibration feeding machine only needs the linear vibration, and solves the problem of constant speed inertia.

    The large vibrating feeder is used to distribute the bulk, granular and powdery materials to the receiving equipment evenly or quantitatively in the material storage equipment, which solves the problem of the inertia control of material. We achieved technical results by conducting industrial experiments. Large vibrating feeder by using two sets of the same specifications of the inertia vibrator as excitation source, according to the plane of elemental body vibration machine synchronization theory.

    when two inertia vibrator to angular velocity, which can realize remote control and on-line continuous speed adjustment. When the vertical component of the vibration acceleration of a large vibrating feeder is greater than the acceleration of gravity, the material in the tank is thrown up, and the moving forward of the parabolic trajectory is carried forward. Improve the reliable performance of the operation.

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