Invisible Beam 808nm Infrared Dot Laser Alignment

  • What is the most efficient job to make clear and accurate dot measurement for night version illumination? Any type of manual dot measuring tool or visible laser device cannot be working at all since nothing can be observing by human eyes at all. At the same time, laser tech engineer is also making constant technical innovation of 808nm infrared laser diode tech and qualified glass coated lens, it is developing into a quite practically used device, such as a 808nm infrared dot laser alignment. Only if it is cooperating with other night version device and getting constant power source supply, it just assures easy installation and highly clear infrared reference dot projection at various work distances.
    This 808nm infrared dot laser alignment is in need to work for quite long time. From the very beginning design, it is applying an import 808nm infrared laser diode within 100mW to 400mW. It is cooperating with a metal heat sink cooling system and different size tube diameter design, it just assures increasing laser beam stability of at least 40%. At the same time, in formal constant IR dot measuring work within 8 to 10 hours, only after leaving enough time and space for tube cooling down, this infrared laser diode module just achieves high level of laser beam stability, and no decay light performance in long lasting use.
    After easy connects with an AC/DC adapter, not spending extra time on battery change, this 808nm infrared dot laser alignment just keeps work with constant infrared laser beam emission from laser beam aperture. It is projecting highly visible IR laser light, besides its operation for close distance dot measurement within 50 meters, it also makes sure of quite satisfied dot measurement within long extending distance of 100 to 1000 meters after the use of high power infrared laser diode module within 300mW to 400mW.
    No matter what kind of working surface it is pointing, after the use of night version device of CCD camera, black and white camera or IR laser camera etc, this 808nm infrared laser diode module makes sure of efficient conversion of clear and accurate IR dot projection for a lot of night version fields. When it makes correct use of output power and freely adjusted laser beam focus, after immediate infrared laser light concentration, this infrared alignment laser just achieves efficient conversion of clear and accurate IR dot emission in distance. For the most important of all, in order to avoid potential thermal energy hurt to human eyes and skins, users should wear correct infrared laser safety goggles until achieving easy and secured dot measurement effectively.