Constant Measured Optic Lens 445nm Blue Line Laser Alignments

  • When users are trying to make clear and fine enough lien measurement, not able to reach with a simple line printing or line drawing device, it is always making good job with a high brightness beam emitting tool of 445nm blue line laser alignment. It is adopting qualified glass coated lens and separate crystal lens with different fan angles. In various industrial and high tech line measuring work fields, only if compact size tube made blue laser module makes correct output power and fan angles, it should only be installing correctly, and achieving highly clear and fine enough blue reference line projection t various work distances.

    This 445nm blue line laser alignment is in need to make continuous line projection onto all working surfaces. From the very beginning designing of laser device, it just gets basic use of metal heat sink cooling system and an import 445nm blue laser diode. It is projecting similar blue laser light as a 473nm blue DPSS laser system. When it is adopting small size tube diameter of 16mm anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, this laser line generator still gets superior nice thermal emitting, and increasing stability blue reference line projection for both long time and long distance use.

    On condition that it makes advanced use of qualified glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, in order to avoid any possibility of tube burning out or damage, this blue line laser alignment always performs well with high linear quality and highly fine blue line projection. It is projecting highly intense blue laser light directly from an inner part of 445nm blue laser diode. In addition, after its special use of glass window in front of beam aperture, this 445nm blue laser module still gets perfect protection of itself, and also gets no affect by moisture or dust as well. Under operation with basic measurement and experiment of technical data, this 445nm blue line laser alignment enables correct use of optic lens degree and output power. It is operating easy and quick, and also getting no rely on manual labor force input.

    When it makes proper adjustment of laser beam focus, after immediate blue laser light concentration, this blue alignment laser allows freely adjusted laser line fineness, and highly clear blue line projection for a large variety of industrial and high tech line measuring work fields. When users are aware of any powerful blue laser radiation and reflection, and wearing correct 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles, high power blue line laser just assures highly secured and fine line alignment in all precise device manufacturing work fields perfectly.