Hot Sale Glass Lens 100mW Pro Red Line Laser Alignment

  • Whenever line measuring work is processing at quite long work distance and long time, it makes no use with a simple manual line drawing device, such as a simple square meter or blocking board. In a lot of industrial and high tech line measuring work fields, not able to rely on manual labor force input and prior line positioning work, it is operating easy and quick with the use of a 100mW pro red line laser alignment. It makes advanced use of qualified optic lens with different fan angles and good thermal emitting system, after adoption of durable metal housing tube, this 635nm red laser module enables easy installation and convenient red line projection onto various working surfaces.

    Available with an import 635nm red laser diode, comparing with formal red laser pointer, this finished product of 100mW pro red line laser alignment always gets at least 40% improvement of laser beam stability in long time use. Equipping with inner metal heat sink cooling system inside its highly durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, after proper use of 26mm diameter tube, this 100mW 635nm red laser module always gets enough space for tube cooling down, but also achieves highly stable and reliable red line projection in long time use.

    On basis of the use of high quality glass coated lens and separate crystal lens, without laser light decay or blur, this 100mW pro red line laser alignment is performing with high linear quality red reference line from beam aperture. When it gets wide range fan angles within 10 degree to 110 degree, on basis of the real need of line aligning accuracy, it should be selecting with either glass coated lens or separate crystal lens. In addition, after correct use of optic lens, this 635nm red laser line generator always makes sure of highly clear line indication for both industrial and high tech line positioning work fields.

    Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, according to the use of laser alignment mounting bracket, this accessory part of 100mW pro red line laser alignment enables convenient installation, and easy red line indication onto any vertical or horizontal surface. Unless it is pointing under sunlight, it is also making highly clear line measurement within the maximum work distance of 25 meters and high lighting. When red alignment laser makes proper screw of adjustable focus optic lens degree and gets immediate red laser light concentration, it just achieves the finest red line alignment in distance easily. According to high attention to laser safety issue and correct wearing of laser safety goggles, it makes highly secured and easy line alignment perfectly.