The Finest Non Gaussian 50mW 532nm Green Line Laser Module

  • What is an easy job to make clear and fine line alignment at quite long work distance? In order to get easy and quick response line alignment onto various working surfaces, without any rely on any manual or mechanical line aligning tools, it just makes an easy job after the adoption of a 50mW 532nm green line laser module. Being made with the best quality separate crystal lens with different fan angles and good thermal emitting system inside durable metal housing tube, this laser line generator just assures convenient installation, and easy green line projection onto any vertical or horizontal surface effectively.
    Available with an external AC/DC adapter, without spending extra time on battery change, this 50mW 532nm green line laser module makes continuous green laser beam and green reference line projection from beam aperture. It is projecting highly powerful green laser light from beam aperture. In process of long time constant line alignment work, in order to make sure of its stable and reliable line alignment, this laser line generator makes the best use of metal heat sink cooling system. When it gets superior nice thermal conductivity and correct use of 26mm diameter tube, it just assures excellent thermal emitting, and the most reliable green line alignment after constant work of 8 to 10 hours per day.
    Among all selected optic lenses, not the same as formal plastic coated lens or glass coated lens, 50mW 532nm green line laser module is projecting non Gaussian distribution green laser beam, and highly uniform green reference line from beam aperture. It is keeping work with the same brightness green reference line from middle part towards both ends, also getting no laser light decay or dim in continuous use. In occasion that green alignment laser line is pointing at quite long work distance, it just shows its superiority of high brightness and high fineness.
    Under basic measurement and experiment of line length, line fineness and work distance, 50mW 532nm green line laser module just makes correct use of separate crystal lens. It is operating without extra time spending on manual labor force input, but also making sure of the most satisfied line positioning results for laser cutting, sand milling, lumber machine, textile garment processing and scientific research works etc. When green alignment laser makes proper adjustment of laser beam focus and line projecting direction, without the use of sunlight, it just makes sure of the clearest line positioning results for all occasions perfectly.