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    Why is the Richard Miller watch so expensive? Still so many people to buy?

    Richard Mill is a modern brand. The selling point is not history, nor complex functions, but high-tech materials. This is just one of the reasons why the watch itself is unique.

    Two more points are more important. First, the brand has seized the hearts of the pyramid-conscious consumers who are pursuing a difference. A small number of people's historical brand watches have been collected enough, and the antique watches have also been photographed a lot. At this time, the demand is that no one has me, and people have me. So at the beginning of the 21st century, Richard Miller was born. The founder, Richard Mill, was in his 50s when he started his business. He was not a watchmaker and had previously worked in the luxury goods industry.exact replica watches

    Long-term facing the market, he knows where the buyer's needs are, and decades of luxury marketing experience is another reason for Richard Miller's success. He knows how to attract buyers and how to evoke the desire to buy. He asked Nadal to play tennis with a tourbillon, let the Jamaican flying man Blake wear it to run a hundred meters, and cooperate with the F1 McLaren team, meaning that the Richard Mill watch can resist any human extreme sports. Threat.

    Can achieve this effect, is a high-tech investment from the movement to the case or even the strap, there are a bunch of unclear; the exclusive term to describe: ZTA ceramics, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, graphene, and so replica watches review

    Then all kinds of entertainment stars like RM, Lu Han Dai, Pan Yibai, and Huang Zikai gave their birthday gifts. So many stars like it, and naturally they have a good publicity.

    Why is the Richard Miller watch so expensive?

    This is a commonplace topic, Richard Mille's watch starts at about 500,000 yuan, some of which are more exotic, matchmaking, star-specific, and even millions of dollars. price. Richard Mille publishes at least one watch worth more than $1,000,000 a year. The average price of a watch with a tourbillon is about $500,000 to $800,000. Professional data is amazing even if it is placed in the industry leader Patek Philippe. So one question that consumers and other people in the watch industry often ask is, "Why is Richard Miller so expensive?

    Everyone has to admit that Richard Miller is an intrinsic brand, but can it be so expensive with this alone? Or are there other factors that allow brands to be (very successful) accepted at such prices? The next, a little longer article was unveiled for everyone.Rado HyperChrome replica

    Mr. Richard Mille himself is the most critical factor in the success of the brand. In a sense, without him, the brand will not continue to maintain today's standards. Richard Mille began his career in the watch industry at the beginning of the quartz crisis, when the traditional Swiss mechanical watch industry was seriously threatened by the lower-priced electronic quartz watches produced in Asia.

    The company that Richard Miller worked at the time was eventually sold to Seiko, one of the Japanese watch companies. Seiko was not only regarded as the main enemy of the Swiss in this era (the Swiss recently began to forgive Japanese watchmakers) during this period has been trying to acquire some very good traditional watchmaking companies. This time in the 1980s (especially in the first half of the 1980s) was a disaster for traditional watch brands.

    It is in this environment that Richard Miller understands the watch industry, which is the source of his brand. In the early 1990s, he joined the French jewelry company Mauboussin as a master watchmaker. Less than a decade later, Richard Mille's first brand watch was released in 2001. Richard Mille quickly identified the importance of direction, exclusivity and lifestyle. He understands that although high-quality timepieces always have inherent value, most customers in the luxury goods sector will not decide whether it is worthwhile to consume because of the quality. Richard Miller's idea is to create demand and consumer desires.Grand Seiko replica

    To give a simple example: When a company's luxury image is only skin-skinned (meaning that their image selling points are mostly image and material), consumers tend to be wise soon. High-end watch consumers are often very mature people, rigorously seeking essential value. Brands that are considered to be of little value often do not benefit from the return business. Richard Miller has done a very good job at this point, so that he can be with other brands that keep a long-term relationship with customers.

    Richard Miller has a very close relationship with motorsport. Mr. Richard Miller himself is a racing fan and he has a collection of cars from the 1970s. The development and growth of the Richard Mille brand is partly obsessed with F1 motorsports.

    In the late 1990s, when the concept of the Richard Mille brand was initially formed and the first product (RM001) was developed in cooperation with partner Audemars Piguet (more specifically, movement designer and manufacturer APRP), Richard Mr. Miller made his first important strategic decision – his company produced a timepiece that combines modern and classic styles. This program is clearly extended by Richard Mille from the racing industry, completely ignoring production costs and focusing on using modern production techniques and materials for optimum performance. Although cars and watches are two completely different industries, Richard Miller was able to achieve such a result today, and this crazy decision was indispensable.

    So far, I have not discussed why the Richard Mille watch is so expensive. The above content can help readers to understand the origin and development history of the brand more clearly. These will help you understand what we are going to say next.Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker replica

    A very common problem is that when the price of a product appears in front of consumers, it will be subconsciously thinking "Is it worth it?" Does Richard Mille's watch have to be hundreds of thousands? What is the price of the dollar (average)? For many years, I have been talking to people in the watch industry, and almost everyone thinks that Richard Miller's watches have a high profit margin.

    Of course, I am annoyed at the fact that there are too many models I am very eager to have because the price is not available. However, I can understand the reality that if I pay only for the production cost of many watches, then I may bear more costs in my lifetime. As far as I know, Richard Mille's pricing is actually an exclusive strategy, not production costs and overheads plus reasonable profit margins.

    Like luxury brands like Richard Miller, where are their commonalities? One is their efforts to create exclusivity. Richard Miller's product is a self-evident promise, from the moment you wear Richard Miller, tell people around me that I have such spending power. Therefore, for Richard Miller, high prices are an exclusive strategy to prevent "wrong type of consumers" from owning one of these products.

    Luxury is not only to reward yourself, but also to effectively communicate your status, power and success to the right audience. It doesn't matter how many people know how expensive your watch is. On the contrary, when a person who knows goods sees you wearing Richard Miller's watch, this is the point.Cheap Replica Versace Online