WoW Classic was more fun together

  • And you're honored/respected by players on the server on the opposite faction as well as in your faction. On the other hand it's a lot of work if you are an officer/class pioneer and have added tasks in your guild. You have to organize your time effective and efficiently. Grinding dungeon over and above for gear/consumables or just helping other people to gear up. Getting in different locations over the planet for worldbuffs everytime before a raid. Being everytime avaible for world supervisors. Somewhen everything begins feeling like a work in lieu of a WoW Classic Gold game and you eliminate fun at it. And for what? Only to be that small percentage quicker and faster than other guilds.

    Yes, raids are completed quicker but the time you save in quick raids you need to shell out more in farming consumables and optimizing your character. I had rather raid longer than farming and grinding all that shit.My fundest memories I've had in WoW Classic when I had been in certain casual guilds (90 percent of the time I've been at top guilds tho, I always ended up there, because I have been a really skilled and knowledgeable player). There were not any rules to have the best gear enchanted and being buffed with buffs to the top. Like everybody desired. If someone wanted to beat the damage yards, he was free to go and find all that buffs. But none has been compelled to. And WoW Classic can already be fun with MC/full T1 equipment.

    The majority of the players were so called"noobs" but somehow WoW Classic was more fun together. Dungeons and raids felt harder and hard. We was able to wipe out a lot in MC because of really stupid individual errors, but it was funny and we laughed a lot. We'd talk and laugh the majority of the moment in TS generally, because everyone played WoW Classic for pleasure and was not that serious and mad on eachother (as opposed to hardcore raiders, who will become really mad at you, if you f*ck up and wipe them with all that expensive consumable buffs and world buffs).

    Raids didn't feel like function with time stress and rushes through to the speed record, it was an epic and slow encounter and much more of an adventure. The whole game felt more like an experience, because you had time to explore and also to do the tiny things ingame. And the most important thing: you'd have more time for your buddies and what actually counts: interacting with the world.Just my two cents here. Raiding in top guilds can be fun, but be aware it can kill the pleasure of Buy Gold in WoW Classic, should you make it into your daylie work. I won't play Vintage, I am too sated of that, I've played with the past 8 years Classic on different private servers. I'm craving for something fresh Rise of the Fallen.