Mmotank told me to market it to nexon

  • So...I have always wanted to become a game designer so that I would occasionally randomly think of scenarios that could happen in a few game. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the ideal forum since I was able to perform maplesea and moved to global as I am no longer in SEA. I had a dream one day and it was associated to maplestory so I told my sister and she'd say I must sell the story to nexon. The version I'm telling you nevertheless would be rather different to better suit the actual maplestory style rather than a dream.If anybody would like to listen to the true dream feel free to ask Buy Maplestory Mesos.It's actually pretty interesting...I believe....Oh... Sorry if I am rambling.

    Millenias past, in a kingdom filled with wonder and magic,there was a shadowy being concealed deep inside the property. Possessing a massive bloodlust,it began going rampage,killing everything in sight. The king seek help from the goddess that foresees the land. The goddess chose 5 brave heroes to protect the kingdom against the shadowy being. The heroes trained night and day in hope of beating the dark being. With the two beings colliding from the body,the entire body went into a deep sleep. The kings had the body sealed in a dungeon underground in hope that if the dark being won the battle, it would be sealed at the dungeon.

    But slowly,the body began moving again. The goddess may be somewhat more powerful than the dim being following such a long battle in the human body but she knew if she did not do something soon,she might lose the power to continue fighting it. This is where the player comes in...

    To be able to prevent the dark being from growing more powerful, the goddess to not kill anything but gain exp through recovery and buffings. Summoned beings do minimal harm with its assault but usually tank and shield harm when the goddess is in danger. If you haven't notice, this is a totally support type class. So if your class does not get exp through monster, there's no way to really cure yourself unless you purposely damage yourself? So. . .here's how it work, there'll be particular job quests consisting of assisting arbitrary adventurers. The npcs are the adventurers in this case. It could possibly be a protecting pursuit for a certain journey or curing someone illness. This however, will only be available until first task as the goddess will then deem this procedure to be too slow as she have to wait around for folks to actually be in trouble.

    There is a lot more detail about it but MS2 Mesos is quite hard to explain. I figured I would just get the idea out there. I hope some of you forum people enjoyed the narrative.