Nba2king:The way to Change Hair at NBA 2k19

  • When you jump into NBA 2k19, you'll be tasked with creating your player and NBA 2K Coins picking your favourite team. While the customization choices are fairly varied at the beginning, there is always a possibility you will get tired of your look and would like to spruce it up a bit. Luckily, your capacity to modify your style is not just confined to your clothes or shoes. There's actually a way you can change hair in NBA 2k19, and there is a lot of different styles you can select from.

    You are then going to want to make your strategy to Doc's barbershop.

    Beginning at the clinic spot for your team, you are going to need to head straight down the road and take a right when you see the Foot Locker and NBA Stores. Head down this street and keep going and you'll eventually see "Doc's Barbershop" across the side of a structure and the familiar blue, red, and white colours of the barbershop.

    Head indoors, pick the hair that you need, and 2K19 MT will have to work on giving you a fresh new appearance. And that is all you want to know to modify hair from NBA 2k19.