FIFA 21: Biggest rival probably wants to retire

  • FIFA 21 Coins Accounts Gambling football fans usually have to choose between the two major simulations every year: FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer? The two game series have been vying for the attention of players for decades. But this year the fight could be decided quite clearly because Pro Evolution Soccer avoids direct confrontation.

    Several sources (including DSOG) report that Pro Evolution Soccer will not get a full spin-off this year. Instead there should be a content update that provides the current roster and provides the players of Pro Evo 2020 with new modes. Unlike FIFA 21 there will be no changes to the core gameplay.

    At first glance buy FIFA 21 Coins Accounts this may look like a capitulation on the part of the Pro Evo developers. The series has struggled against FIFA in recent years. For the makers however it is a year that they can use to take a deep breath. You now have more time to deliver more updates and introduce new mechanics with the next full Pro Evolution part.
    Meanwhile the loyal Pro Evo gamers have the current squad which most players would much prefer to buy a new game every year for just minor updates. Whether and how much money Konami will charge football fans for the big content update is still unclear at the moment. FIFA 21 is scheduled for release on October 9 2020.

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