"Escape from Tarkov": The toughest shooter ever

  • Escape from Tarkov money Tarkov is a fictional city in Russia where war is raging. In the game we have to escape Tarkov by reaching a certain point on the map. Sounds easy but the path to extraction punk is rocky - not to say: paved with boulders.

    Because in Tarkov you will not be given anything (except every now and then a little in-game money because the servers do not always withstand the enormous rush of players). The shooter relies on realism in comparison to other such games. For this reason for example we do not have a compass or a minimap with a yellow symbol pointing to the exit. If you want a card google it and keep it ready next to the game.

    Enemies are not marked with red letters we just have to know who is friend and who is enemy. You cannot see how many bullets are left in the magazine unless we take the magazine out of our gun and look inside. Those who have shot their magazines empty have to reload each bullet individually which takes seconds or even minutes in which we can be shot defenseless. And if you start your game with the wrong ammunition or the wrong magazine cheap EFT Euros you probably won't fire a single shot.

    A game without a tutorial in which we have to learn everything the hard way. But that is exactly what makes Escape from Tarkov so appealing.

    Although Escape from Tarkov is experiencing hype it's not a new game. Already in July 2016 there was a first closed alpha version in which selected players could test the game. Since summer 2017 anyone who pre-orders the game can play in the closed beta. The developer Battlestate has released its own game launcher.

    Thanks to current marketing measures and the unique game concept the game is enjoying a steadily growing player base. Chief developer Nikita Buyanov told a developer video blog two weeks ago that the number of players grew by 10 to 25 percent from week to week and that it was difficult for the small development team to keep up with this growth.

    Especially when there is an increase of 100 percent in particularly good weeks. This happened in early February when around 100,000 active players were active on the Battlestate servers at the same time. Just 200,000 players wanted to play at the same time just a week later.

    The SRF digital editorial team also wanted to stream the game for the first time this week. An unsuccessful attempt after waiting over an hour and countless error messages we gave up and decided to give the developers a little more time.

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