The Basic Parts of a Thesis Paper

  • In order for you to write a quality thesis paper, it is necessary that you know how to write each thesis chapter. In most cases, you can only find resource materials online that tell you how to write a thesis in general. They will never explain how to write each chapter. Therefore, this article will provide you the basic guidelines and steps in writing these chapters one by one.


    Let us start with the thesis chapter that we call Abstract. The abstract is the executive summary of the entire research paper. This part should only contain very minimal number of words, say for example 300 words in total. What it intends to do is to give the readers an overview of what the thesis is all about. Of course, it only makes sense to write the abstract after you have completed writing all the thesis parts.


    The next thesis chapter is the introduction. This part provides the readers with the topic scope of the thesis paper. It is where you will introduce the goal of conducting the research. The problem statement should also be available in this part. You should also define the importance of the topic and tell your readers why you have selected it. The thesis statement should also be in the introduction chapter.


    Now, you can write the literature review. This chapter involves the review of other materials that correspond to your topic. The main goal of writing this chapter is to tell your readers the significance of your subject. If you can present other research materials of the same topic, then you are saying that your subject is worthy of your time and effort.


    Afterwards, you need to write the methodology chapter. This part provides an overview of what strategies you used for data gathering. Explain to your readers how you acquired data. Moreover, provide them the procedures that were used for the analysis of such data. Make sure that you mention the specific steps in doing all of these procedures to make your paper more credible.


    The next thesis chapter involves the results, data and the analysis. You should provide several pages of data in numerical or factual form. This part must be the overall presenter of data coming from your research. Make sure that all info in the paper is accurate and can support your claims in the thesis statement.


    The last thesis chapter is the conclusion. This is where all the data and analysis culminates. The conclusion chapter will give the final resolution to the research problem. You also need to summarize the entire discussion in order to establish firmly the final verdict on the problem. If necessary, you may also recommend further research if the conclusion seems not sufficient.