How do you fire when you are using the stage?


    For the scenery, props, etc. made of combustible materials, the burning performance of the material must reach B1 level;


    Controlling smoke, controlling open flames and unshielded light sources in the stage work area;


    It is strictly forbidden to use electric welding, gas welding, electric saws and other processes and tools that are prone to open flames on the stage;


    Strictly control the use of pyrotechnics in the stage area; curtains, sets and other devices maintain a safe distance from the lamps, and do not generate excessive temperatures due to the lamps;


    It is strictly forbidden to stack debris under fire curtains, fire doors, fire exits and fire equipment;


    It is strictly forbidden to use volatile flammable materials such as paints, solvents and paints in the stage area;


    It is strictly forbidden to use any weapon props with explosive media to obtain sound, light, smoke and other effects.


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