• Mumbai summers are getting painful thanks to the heat and dust. Ace designer Neeta Lulla, a four-time National Award winning costume designer of films such as Lamhe, Devdas, Jodhaa Akbar and Marathi movie Balgandharva, who has had the privilege of working in over 350 films and styling over 90 actors in her illustrious career spanning over three decades, gives top tips for summer dressing.


    "We need to wear fabrics that keep us cool and colours that will complement our day-to-day lives and where we live. Cotton is the fabric of choice, go with linens, they look fabulous and are from India and they are fabrics that will always make you look good. Go with tropical or Indian colours, it doesn't matter, team up vibrant oranges with peaches, baby pink with hot pink, cannery yellow with pale yellow or aqua blues and look colourful and pretty. Even if you go for a basic classic grey outfit with a splash of a vibrant colour to it, you are giving the hint of a very vibrant personality. And, that is what we need in our day to day lives which is monotonous and effort. I think effortless dressing is what will keep you going everyday," said Neeta.


    "Don't ever experiment with new styles during the summer season because they will only make you feel hot and uncomfortable, and that is going to show on your face," she added.


    When asked what is the summer season for brides, she suggested, "Pastels in summer season for the bride is a good option and fabrics that you use need to be light weight. Also your styles should be determined by your venue (resort weddings) and the heat/climate you are going to face in that place. I think cool colours that are tints or shades of the hues that you really like. And, jewellery, compliment your dress with the kind of jewellery that you want. It doesn't matter if you will be wearing a heavy choker use a light weight earring. Use your maang tikkas and all the possible solah shingar that you want to use but keep it light and pretty. Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with what you are wearing."


    According to her, fashion is essentially what you see around you, what's been created by an entire group or an society of people who make the fashion a statement, but a style statement is very personal to yourself. You can carry something that is in fashion, but make it a part of you, using your kind of accessories with the kind of tops or bottoms that you can combine it with and making it look something that is a part of your personality. Essentially, a style statement is created by comfort level and as a personality you should be wearing what you are very comfortable in and what becomes part of you as your personality.

    Neeta's style guide for readers:

    a. For plus-size women: Monotone colours, long length kurtas, atleast upto the knee or little below the knee and A-line cuts

    b. For tall and lanky girls: Anything that is structured, tailored, stylised, in two colours. You can divide your colours like use a brighter colour bottom and lighter colour on the top, wear shirts that have exaggerated collars or exaggerated shoulders.

    c. For petite women: Pretty fabrics, soft florals, pastel colours, flowing silhouettes, silhouettes that have a bit of flair too it, and a very feminine look, off-shoulders look will fabulous.

    d. For short and heavier women: Monotones, dresses at least upto the calf-length or knee-length, flair pants in softer fabrics, tops in softer fabrics and deeper colours teamed with a bright print or a bright colour on your scarf or accessory.

    Top five fashion faux pas women/men make: In the bridal zone, couples like to colour co-ordinate, its passe, don't ever do it. Men trying to wear heels in their shoes to look taller is not at all necessary. Using embroidery that match your bride is not necessary. Girls, look as gorgeous as you can don't go with 'my fiance wants me to dress this way,' it is not at all necessary.

    For her, beauty is timeless and so her message is, "Fashion is everyone's mantra today to look glamourous, it has become a part of your life, so try different trends, go with what is in fashion but create a style statement of your own because you can do it."Read more at:formal dresses online australia | evening dresses australia