Knowing all About Cleaning Limestone

  • When it comes to cleaning limestone, you can find plenty of home remedies for getting your work surfaces or floors sparkling, but few of these are really suitable. Regardless of how safe or effective the cleaner it is, it is imperative to follow the instructions on the bottle in order to limit your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and ensure that you have removed all traces of anything that could cause damage to the rock.  Limestone buildings really do benefit from a deep clean, in the same way your car would benefit from a good wash. A deep clean with powerful tools, at least twice a year, helps prevent limestone buildings becoming dirty and thus harder to clean. Quality care will keep your building looking its best for many more years without needing to restore or replace it.

    There is something unique about limestone that makes it such a stunning, timeless building stone. When cared for properly, limestone will keep up its charm for years to come. However when not cared for adequately, the downfall can be swift and shocking. Utilize these tips to guarantee your limestone surfaces are looking amazing and stain-free. For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.