E-Closing: The Easiest Way to Complete a Real Estate Closing

  • Regardless of the type of e-closing you decide to use, getting the process started is a multi-step process. Making sure that you gather up all the documents that are requested by your lender up front can save you a lot of time in the long run. A good lender should also be available to answer questions throughout the process. To review, here are the steps: 1. Get started with an application process. 2. Gather documents required by your lender and upload them through the site or fill out a form to request copies from the appropriate parties (such as your employer). 3. Create an account on your specific closing site and follow any necessary instructions given. At this point, you will either be asked to verify your identity or required to log into an existing account associated with your lender or servicer for this particular loan if you have one already. 4. Take any additional instructions or information needed from there on out. At this point, you will either be able to begin filling out documents digitally or a lender representative may reach out to help you through each step at once if you’re getting help from someone from their team during this process in person. Finally, after all of these steps, it’s time to sign

    It's this last fact that makes the remote online notarization so interesting. If you take a step back, it means that you’ll have entire real estate documents signed in 30 minutes with not a pen touch nor trip to the mailbox in sight. The world of e-closings is just beginning as well, and it will be exciting to see how the process evolves over time. For more detail, please refer to the info-graphic below.