Title Insurance Attorney – An Overview

  • Title insurance is a protection for a purchaser of property and a mortgage lender against defects or problems with a title when an individual is purchasing a home. There are two main types of title insurance policies which are typically purchased: owner’s policy, and borrower’s policy. The purpose of the title insurance is to protect both the purchaser and the lender against a potential loss or liability if there is a mistake or issue in the documentation or the process of title transfer for the property.

    The purchase or sale of a home is an important and probably, challenging venture. Potential buyers and sellers who choose to work with WFG Financial Consultants as their title insurance provider will be able to eliminate undue stress from the process by having professionals conduct a thorough search prior to the actual purchase. We stand by your side from beginning to end, taking away any perceived fear of the unknown and leaving you with nothing but excitement for the future. For more detail, please refer to the info-graphic below.