• Indoor graffiti may be established by businesses moving to new premises that have been left vacant for a period and since become targets for acts of vandalism. Rather than tagging and elaborating murals, however, graffiti can simply be words and phrases written in permanent markers, sometimes written innocently by kids. When graffiti strikes it is best to remove it within 24 to 48 hours. Studies show that the best graffiti prevention strategy is immediate dismissal.


    The many types of graffiti are limited to a few basic materials, such as paint. These materials can be divided into those that are water-based (wet) and those that are solvent-based (dry). Graffiti removal methods vary widely, depending on the media and its substrate. These methods range from physical to chemical approaches. Graffiti removal contractors follow specific procedures and take care to minimize damage to surfaces. If you have just graffiti to remove, choose a specialist in the cleaning of facades. If the area is big, it will take time to clean. The best way to handle it is with heat and pressure so that the graffiti comes off completely. As an alternative, you can also use sand blasting treatment. For more details, refer to the info graphic below.