Process for Restoration of Natural Stone

  • This info-graphic titled ‘Process for Restoration of Natural Stone’ provides us an outline of process to restore natural stone. Natural stone restoration is a process of restoring the natural beauty and lustre of the stone. Natural stone is vulnerable to wear and tear due to its porous nature. It can be damaged by moisture, heavy traffic, chemicals and various other factors. If not taken care of properly, it can lose its luster over time. However, regular maintenance can help restore the original look of your natural stone flooring or counter-tops.

    There are two methods for restoration: chemical cleaning and mechanical polishing. Chemical cleaning involves using a solution that removes stains from the surface without damaging the integrity of the material. Mechanical polishing is a manual process involving use of different types of buffing machines which bring back shine to the surface without changing its composition. Both these processes involve removal of old finish from the surface before applying new one, which makes them suitable for repairing as well as restoring older surfaces without compromising their original look. For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.