• This info-graphic titled ‘ROGER MARTIN-FAGG’S LATEST ECONOMIC UPDATE’ provides us an outline of author’s view on economy of the country. Roger reveals that western governments were aware of the non-existent or mediocre growth in productivity of major economies since 2018. He added that they realized this even before the covid19 pandemic hit the world in 2020. The mediocre productivity growth of major economies was mainly because of austerity measures, particularly the collapse in the investment in the public sector.

    In his latest economic update, Roger states that the public sector is in need of an effective and efficient base from which they will be able to operate with telecoms, sewage disposal, power, water, port facilities and other infrastructure projects. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, borrowing money for capital investment was regarded as sound by several experts in industry.

    In fact, it has been argued that borrowing money for long-term projects such as infrastructure development can be justified on economic grounds. However, during pandemic time frame, this view changed and spending whatever was needed to prevent deaths and find a vaccine became essential for industrialization process than wait for future economic growth. As a result there has been a considerable increase in global money supply chain. For more details, refer to the info graphic below.