5 Steps to Restore Your Marble Floors Quickly

  • This info-graphic titled ‘5 Steps to Restore Your Marble Floors Quickly’ provides us an overview of steps to restore marble floors. Marble floor restoration is a task that is remarkably more trouble than it is worth. A marble floor is a high-ticket and opulent in its look and will heighten the interior of any building, but marble is easily beaten-up. Marble floor restoration is usually done because the surface gets blemished or scratched and needs to be refinished. When setting out stage for a marble floor restoration project, you have to take utmost care or else you may damage the marble beyond restoration.

    The marble floor restoration process always starts out with removing the finish that is on the marble. If you fail to get away with all of the finish, you will wind up with an odd looking floor. The finish is typically hardened wax or polyurethane and is abstracted by sanding. A motorized sander is the only method to go, and you will demand to use fine-grit sandpaper. Use medium pressure when using the sander and go on until the floor looks milky white. This will show that the finish is effectively removed from the marble flooring and will let marble floor restoration to be done flawlessly. For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.